Business Idea Generation

Internal marketing from professionals
A man is selfish, he always thinks of himself, of his own benefit. He thinks of someone else's benefit only if he is motivated to do so. Such, however, is…

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How to become a real post-industrial?
Much suggests that the transition to a post-industrial economy has begun. However, not all running processes are successful. Post-industrial transition is no exception. It may or may not take place.…

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Save business and customers
Looking into the eyes of reality, you look at the starting point and see how to save the business. Looking at the starting point, you will clearly understand that not…

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Post-industrial economy.

In some places, for example, in the deaf Amazonian tribes, there is still a neolithic economy, and in some places, for example, in developed countries, there is already a post-industrial economy. Some countries have a pronounced level of economy, and some are in transition. Hence the difference in the volume of GDP that can be created in a particular economy.

Why was it necessary to divide the economy into sectors and levels? It was necessary to divide so that the opportunities and abilities of the economy of a particular country in the world were visible, as well as the opportunities for business within the economy of that country. Continue reading

Business is not going

Business does not go when there is no one to buy goods or services. If you decide to go fishing and choose a lake where there is no fish, you can do anything, but you will not catch fish. The same is true in business: if there are no consumers, do what you want, even if you offer a product for free, but you can’t sell it. You can scold nature, competitors, the state, but this will not solve the issue.

It is clear that the state, of course, can establish some restrictive measures, for example, it can prohibit the circulation of narcotic substances, or limit the age of sale of alcoholic drinks or cigarettes, i.e. sometimes the number of consumers is regulated by the state. Continue reading

Next Generation Business

About 200 years ago, industry was a new generation of business that generated fabulous incomes. Now this is far from the case. Take any product, starting from nails, ending with a car. None of these goods, if they are sold as just industrial goods, brings such a profit that it is possible to put together wealth.

Previously, when industrial goods were in great short supply, when industry was a new generation of business, you could become rich as a result of the opening of a factory or factory. But now the situation has changed, now very often purely industrial enterprises have to work either on the verge of zero profitability, or even barely make ends meet even without it. Continue reading

Save business and customers

Looking into the eyes of reality, you look at the starting point and see how to save the business. Looking at the starting point, you will clearly understand that not everything is as scary as it might seem. Why? Because you will not leave below the reference point, because it is the limit, the absolute limit beyond which there is nothing. The reference point is the bottom. The feeling of the bottom relaxes and soothes.

You see the potential, just a huge potential

Standing at the bottom, look up. What do you see? You see potential, just huge potential. Continue reading

Small Business Marketing Launch

Marketing in a small business is 100% compulsory. Without it, a business will never become large or even medium. Thinking that you will make money first and then do marketing is a big mistake. Thousands of small businesses have been using this tactic for decades, but have not been able to grow. They dream of becoming big, but dreams without good marketing remain dreams.

We start marketing in small business

If you want to grow, then the first thing to do is marketing. Continue reading

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