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Creative economy
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Attracting startup investment
An idea formed at 0.1% is not an idea, but just an idea that no one is interested in. Why is nobody interested in thoughts? Thought is not able to…

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Pseudo-postindustrial business world

In fact, now it’s not the post-industrial world, but a different one. It can be called in different ways: pseudo-post-industrial, near-post-industrial, sub-post-industrial, semi-post-industrial. In fact, the industrial, or even more precisely, the agrarian-industrial format puts on the mask of post-industrialism. They are trying to pull some elements on the industrial formation and pass it off as a postindustrial one.

All this is logical and simply cannot be otherwise. The bottom line is that most of the people are pumped with ideas that underlie the agrarian or industrial formation, and some also with the idea that underlies the pre-agrarian formation. Many, in principle, want to live in a new formation, because they intuitively feel that the old has been exhausted, and there is nothing more to do in it. But the intelligent driver for this formation is not installed, the discourse is not formed, so it turns out the way it turns out.

What idea underlies the agrarian formation? To understand this, it is necessary to outline the conditions that were during the pre-agra formation. The conditions were harsh. There were a lot of people, what nature gave in finished form was clearly not enough, so people often went hungry. The pre-agra formation, in principle, did not make it possible to receive food as much as needed, so the stomach of most people was often empty or half empty.

From here it is easy to determine the idea that was in the air and occupied the minds of people. This is the idea of ​​”filling the stomach.” It was implemented in almost all. A discourse was formed around this idea, people understood each other without words, because under the influence of the idea of ​​“filling the stomach” they were on the same wavelength.

The idea was not just implemented, as a result of long hungry days and nights, almost everything was pumped, and it was pumped very high quality. It was impossible to realize it within the framework of the pre-agra formation, therefore the agrarian formation arose as a way to realize the idea of ​​“filling the stomach”.

The industrial formation also had its own idea. The stomach was filled with a larger one, the idea underlying the agrarian formation was realized. Relatively speaking, the agrarian level of the “game of life” has been passed. In order to continue to “play,” it was necessary to go to the next level, but in order to do this, you need to know where the exit from the agrarian formation is and the entrance to the next.

All this can only suggest an idea. To understand the idea that formed the basis of the industrial formation, it is necessary to outline the conditions that the agrarian formation allowed to achieve. The man was no longer starving, but his life was still difficult, because there were not enough different devices that make life easier. Almost everything was done “by hands”, in places with the help of draft animals, so it was very, very difficult to live.

I wanted to make life easier, and this idea was in the air. Accordingly, the idea that formed the basis of the industrial formation can be designated as “make life easier.” It was not possible to realize the idea of ​​“making life easier” in an agrarian formation, and therefore an industrial formation was formed.

The main economic formations that have already been implemented are agricultural and industrial. They were realized because they had basic ideas, and this determined success. In order for the post-industrial transition to take place, it must have its own idea.

Until such an idea is clearly formulated, there will be no transition itself, because there will be no “operating system” for this formation, there will be no discourse, there will be no understanding of what and how to do, there will be no sense of belonging to this discourse. It is an idea that, being introduced into a person, motivates him to be realized, and it creates in him a feeling of belonging to a discourse. If there is no idea, then there is no motivation, no realization, no discourse.

To understand what idea can form the basis of a post-industrial formation, it is necessary to determine what excites people who have already passed the agrarian and industrial levels of the “game of life”. What excites such people? They only care about one thing – limited, above all limited opportunities. This means that the idea of ​​a post-industrial formation can be described as “infinite infinity.”

The phrase “infinite infinity” leads to certain associations and under it everyone can see his own. This is bad for the formation of a common discourse. Therefore, in order to form a common understanding, it is proposed to start from scratch and designate the idea with the help of neologism, which does not yet have associations.

Neologism, which best reflects the essence of the idea of ​​a postindustrial formation is infinity. Accordingly, the basis of the postindustrial formation is the idea of ​​infinity. A true post-industrialist is a person in whom this idea is implemented and who pumped it. In fact, such a person can be called an infinate.

The infinate seeks infinite infinity, it aims to remove all possible and impossible restrictions in its path. Infinity is the house of the infinate, where it feels like a fish in water, an endless and limitless house.

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